Monday, July 13, 2009

SPADE Language Specification

This is the langauge to Stream Computing

This document describes the language design of the Spade language, version 2. Spade is the programming language for InfoSphere Streams, IBM’s high-performance distributed stream processing system . This document only focuses on the syntax and semantics of user-visible features; a description of the implementation design or the inner workings of the compiler is out of scope for this document. Spade 2 is not backward compatible to Spade 1, and instead takes the opportunity to clean up several features.

This document is sprinkled with paragraphs containing auxiliary information:
• Practical advice: Best practices and conventions for users.
• Implementation note: Note about how the compiler or runtime implements a feature.
• For Spade 1 users: Comparisons between old and new language features.
• For language experts: Terminology from the programming language community.
• Language design rationale: Justification for decisions where we had to reconcile conflicting design goals.

In addition, there are numerous code examples. IBM’s Spade compiler is continuously tested on these examples. While some examples are semantically incomplete (e.g., using undefined identifiers), all examples are syntactically valid.


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