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hmm, much Great Two World's Youngest CEO


Thr r many types of people on the this earth, I have meet many people, but here is two ppl who changed my lifestyle

                    Sreelakshmi Suresh, the Youngest Web Designer Girl

Sreelakshmi Suresh is the Youngest Web Designer Girl of the World. Designing websites is a passion for Sreelakshmi. At the age of eight she is an expert web designer and created the World Record by designing and developing the official website of her school ( now she is the Youngest CEO (eDesign) also. She has won several national & international awards for her excellence in web designing. 
Sreelakshmi Suresh is the Youngest Ever Member of the Association of American Webmasters and has already bagged about 26 National and International honours including the prestigious Global Internet Directories Gold Award and Golden Web Awards. 

"Sreelakshmi Suresh is not your average eight year old. When children her age have to be torn away from the television to their homework,  she is spinning grand web designs" Hindustan Times".  "I must say our school is blessed to have such a talent" says Sr. Roselit, Head Mistress of her school.
Sreelakshmi Suresh is now appointed as the Brand Ambassador of
InfoGroup and she is the Director of YGlobes Technologies Inc.

Now, 5th standard student of Presentation Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode, Kerala. Just eight-years old, Sreelakshmi Suresh has designed and developed a website for her school and created new world record.

Sreelakshmi had been devoting a lot of time on the computer even before she started school. However, the same has not stopped her from pursuing her studies and her extra curricular activities. All her holidays were spent before the computer creating and modifying the website designs. 

school website, though officially launched on the 15th of January, 2007, was actually available on the web from September 2006 onwards. Accolades and tributes started pouring in from all sources since the site became available on the web. 

Initially, she used to draw pictures using Paint and slowly started preparing web pages in MSWord. Then started using FrontPage to develop web pages, which is more equipped and user friendly. Now she has started using DreamWeaver and animation softwares for Web Designing. 

Sreelakshmi Suresh is the only child of Adv. Suresh Menon and Mrs. Viju Suresh. She is residing at Chevayoor of Kozhikode district in Kerala.

when  children of her age are glued to the TV, eight-year-old Sreelakshmi Suresh is busy exploring web designing.

The fourth standard student of Presentation High Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, has proved her mettle by designing her school website, to be launched on January 15, 2007.

The Association of American Webmasters has honoured her with its official membership, a rare honour for a girl so young.

Daughter of Suresh Menon, an advocate and Viju Suresh, a schoolteacher, Sreelakshmi’s brush with the digital world began at the age of four.Initially, a little prodding was needed. But once she took off it was a flight to the glory. “After studies I used to spend hours before the terminal. Since my school did not have an official site, I took it as a challenge to design one,” explains Sreelakshmi.

For students of her school, she is a role model.

“She is an inspiration for even grown up students… our school is blessed with such a talented girl,” school headmistress Sister Roselit praises her.


 Vishnu Prasad Naidu

This is an interview on him by a leading newspaper in India, THE HINDU

For a student of class X, young Vishnu Prasad’s understanding of the Internet is amazing. Listen to him for five minutes and you realise that the lad aims to emerge a business tycoon in the not too distant future.

Prasad, however, has had no formal education in .Net technology or networking techniques. He hails from a middle-class family. His father is a Central Government employee while his mother is a homemaker. Prasad himself is a product of a State Board institution in Coimbatore.

The family bought a computer when the lad was studying in class VIII. “I had always yearned to make money online. I surfed the Net, gathered information and created my first blog ‘”

“I was enthused by the number of visitors to my blog. I went ahead and registered in social networking sites such as Orkut and managed to reach out to a wider group. That was in January 2008. Around that time I first got the feel of earning online from the Ads on my Web site, I earned $60,” recalls Prasad.

Today, when most youngsters in his age group think of relaxing a bit after writing the Class X examination, he is busy giving tips to bloggers on how to make money, how to get traffic to one’s site, and so on.

At 15, he owns around 50 Web-based businesses, Web sites and domain names. “I am a domain reseller. I understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I have 10 sites to manage,” says Prasad.

(SEO is the practice of optimising a Web site to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines).

But at 15, can a minor start a company in his own capacity, eWorld asked him. Prasad replies promptly that he is being helped by a third-year engineering student, his Orkut friend, from Kumbakonam. Also, his maternal uncle (a retired headmaster) is the guiding hand behind the show.

“My dream is to enable worldwide users benefit from my service,” he says, and cites Wikipedia as an example.

He has floated a company Silver Star Solutions and established offices in Kumbakonam, Hyderabad, Chennai and Tiruchi. He has provided employment to 12 persons.

Over the past eighteen months, Vishnu’s turnover has crossed the Rs 7-lakh mark. “I’ve managed this by selling Ads links in my site, sold a single link for $200 and so on.”

How exactly does this happen? Prasad explains that the shopping advertisements on attract those visiting his site. When they shop online, he gets paid a certain amount.

Has the meltdown affected his earnings? “Definitely. For an SEO, a client paid $25,000 last year, but he is offering only $4,000 this year.”

He has created, which is similar to The beta version is up and running. “It is a site for creating blogs, optimising template.”

Asked about the need for creating a similar site, Prasad says, “I want to be the first to create the world’s smallest ID.

‘’ is the smallest ID at present. To beat this, I bought ‘’. My plan is to launch the world’s smallest e-mail ID, the world’s smallest Web blog and largest online portal. The deadline for this project is April 1, 2010.”

Intrigued, eWorld looked up Prasad’s Web sites and spoke to the third-year student who helps him.

His friend, Vijayakumar, has hosted, a site that offers tips on the latest applications and services on the Net such as twitters and knoppix.

We asked how he handles the money being generated by the business. As with other questions, Prasad has a prompt reply: he reinvests the money in establishing offices at different places, in buying domains and in paying the employees.



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