Friday, July 24, 2009

Gates: Technology Key to India's Challenges

Technology holds the key to solving many of India's healthcare and education challenges, Microsoft Corp. founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said in New Delhi Friday.

As computers and cell phones become more user-friendly and affordable, they can be used to modernize access to public services in rural parts of the country, for example delivering video lectures to villages without schools or letting doctors examine patients remotely, Mr. Gates said at a media briefing.

Mr. Gates, who is on a trip through India, also said he is "very excited" about a recently formed Indian government agency tasked with creating a nationwide identity database, adding that Microsoft is interested to partnering with the agency on the project. Such an ID would help health groups and doctors to track infants who need immunizations and also allow nearly all Indians to open a bank account, which few in the country currently have, he said.

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