Saturday, October 31, 2009

TED Talks James Surowiecki: When social media became news

comments which received in the talk, best talk from James, and best comment which pulled mw to write this in my blog

  • Nov 4 2008: In my view this talk is short sighted
    Somewhere i agree. but with the big picture i for sure do not.
    Everything is a network.. not just the internet..the universe itself is a network of networks.
    We are already slaves to this in the first place.
    And next to that people getting locked into a network is something that happens when you remove choice.
    Ants don't seen to have choice or never use it..
    We humans loose choice by getting told that there is such a thing as wrong and right.. making us doubt.. and then logically go for what everyone else thinks is right.
    I think a 'human' communication network like the internet that works purely on information and is seen as a place where every bit of info is just a possibility and wrong or right is as relative as everything else, has no reason why such a thing should flail.

    In short it is doubt that creates science and space for adventure.
    It is static ideas of good and bad that create a locked down system.
    This has always been my soul reason to be against any kind of religion.
    To believe is a lie.. it is trust and love you should give..
    well.. enough rambling:)


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