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Crowd Science

Changing how you think about market research sample

We believe in the long-term sustainable approach to data collection. Crowd Science offers a sampling and data collection methodology that not only achieves the reach of river sampling, but also the targeting capabilities of traditional panel research. Continuous website audience profiling allows Crowd Science technology to efficiently and accurately target the right sample in the right contexts. This gives researchers access to targeted respondents who would never join an online panel but are happy to participate in surveys on their terms. This provides ‘passive’ survey takers the best chance for a positive experience. The end result is a sustainable long-term option for the market research industry.

Who are we?

Crowd Science is a research technology and services company that offers a fresh approach to online research. It was founded by a group of software engineers and researchers who came out of comScore, Apple, Netscape, IBM, and Cisco. Crowd Science is a Granite Ventures portfolio company, with locations in Silicon Valley and Toronto.


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A real-time demographics platform


Easy setup

Set up is simple. All you need to do is create an account, add your site, tag your pages (just like existing analytics/ad/widget services available), and you are done. No worries, we are compatible with existing ad systems, so you can sit back and enjoy.


Polite, customizable invitations

No flashing, no punching monkeys, no free iPods, and a zero-pixel footprint. We know you care about your visitors, and so do we. Our main focus is to be as polite and non-intrusive as possible to your audience. You can choose from four types of invitations, customize colors, and include your own branding and invitation text. It's your call.


Audience profiling with short inline surveys

Visitors stay on your site while taking the survey. Each question has been carefully selected to be useful for publishers and advertisers alike. Our surveys are short and to the point. Crowd Science Demographics' technology makes sure that only a small portion of visitors are invited to provide information. Being temporary and occasional is the key to keeping your audience focused and happy.


Comprehensive reporting

Real-time reporting. As a publisher, you’ll have full and controlled access to your data via the Crowd Science account interface, where you can choose who else gets to see your data, as well as how they will see it (in pie and bar charts).


And more

We also feature day-in-week and hour-in-day displays. You’ll be able to identify the “shape” of your audience.


Aggregate across multiple sites

You can track multiple sites and organize them into groups/channels/topic areas, and aggregate at the group and account levels.


Share your data

Choose what you want to share and who you want to share it with using our customizable Media Kit hosting service. You'll be given an editorial space within these presentations, where you can qualify and explain your data. You'll be able to say that your data is third-party validated.


Or take it with you

You can export your data in Excel/CSV format, and use it with other tools or data. There is no format lock-in and you are free to do what you please with your data.


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