Saturday, November 7, 2009

IBM and SAP introduce… Crowd Computing?

For those of you who missed this announcement IBM Research and SAP Demonstrate New Cloud Technology: Real-Time Application Mobility

In this innovative merger of company values and large scale product offerings IBM and SAP are coming to market with a very clear Crowd computing solution.

In this technology demonstration, IBM and SAP show how users can run enterprise applications in the cloud, in particular demonstrating the migration of workloads across physical servers and across data centers. This demonstration is another instance of IBM working with partners across the IT industry to gain insights about creating and configuring workloads, and help companies move to the clouds as smoothly as possible.

This opens the door to a ‘if the big guys can do it, so can we’ methodology and mentality which means the Cloud will not only get to be more innovative faster, but it definitely looks like we can be looking forward to a pretty aggressive and crowded set of Cloud offerings in the Enterprise space.

In this demonstration, the migration of SAP workloads across the cloud is supported by IBM’s POWER6 systems, which enable users to run separate applications on different virtual machines, called logical partitions, on the same physical server. The IBM POWER6 system’s Live Partition Mobility capability further allows for the movement of a partition from one POWER6-based server to another POWER6-based server in the data center with no application downtime, resulting in better system utilization, improved application availability, and energy savings.

Application mobility, often one of the top of mind discussions around ‘Where does my app go” and “is it portable” is becoming more of a reality and less of a concern with the big as well as the small players.


Don’t think that the big blue getting involved will in anyway squelch the opportunity in this exploding market.  Infact quite the opposite.  IBM’s steps here today have likely increased the opportunity 100fold and that’s only touching on the surface of the offerings which so far are present in this otherwise very immature market.

…Are you ready for Crowd computing? Your enterprise will be

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