Monday, November 9, 2009

How Did I Ever Live Without IMified?

IMified LogoThis week I discovered the most useful IM integrated Web 2.0 application that I've seen, IMified. This sleek little application is actually an IM gateway to dozens of other applications that you already use. It allows you to send your self notes, tasks, calendar items, and much more, all from your IM client on your computer or phone.

It integrates nicely with Google Calendar, which is the main reason I tried it out - I wanted to be able to take my Calendar with me on my laptop and my smart phone without having to log in to the web page every time I needed to update the calendar with an event or check my agenda. Using IMIfied, I simply type a series of codes and am taken to my current agenda over the next week, or allowed to add an event to the Calendar. It's much faster than logging in, as I'm usually on IM even when I'm not surfing the web.

Sign up for IMified is simple. All you have to do is log into your preferred IM client out of the four currently compatible with IMified: AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk/Jabber or MSN. Type in the IM contact name for IMIfied under that client (see the list below). IMified will reply with a link telling you sign up was successful and taking you to your account page. From that account page link you can add as many IMified widgets to your account as you want. It gives you several applications as defaults (Notes, Tasks, and more) which you can remove if you'd like.

IMified Sign Up

Google Calendar isn't the only Web 2.0 application IMified brings to your IM client. With the click of a mouse, IMified lets you access your accounts with nearly 30 Web 2.0 applications so far, and they add new ones frequently. They also encourage their users to develop new applications for IMified, putting the keys to their API front and center for developers.

Right now you can use IMified with your accounts at 30Boxes, BackPack, BaseCamp, Old Blogger, New Blogger, Braingle, BudgetBot, Delicious, Google Calendar, Jaiku, LiveJournal, Movable Type, NetLookUp, Pownce, Remember The Milk, Stikkit, Toodledo, Tumblr, Twitter, TypePad, urlTea, WordPress and more.

So far the Google Calendar application is the one I'm using the most. I'm starting to use the IMified developed Notes and Tasks applications more and more as well - its a handy way to remember the shopping list, jot down ideas I have for my writing and other quick notes while I'm on the road with only a cell phone.

I also added the Twitter application, which works ten times better than Twitter's own IM application, and has had zero down time so far. Other applications I've added include Pownce, Braingle and WordPress. As I find more and more friends using the other Web 2.0 apps, I'll be adding them as well. You can see the Google Calendar application in action on my IM client, Adium, below:

IMified Calendar

The IMified "My Account" page where you can add and remove apps is below:

IMified App Page

All in all I'd say IMified is a useful, solid Web 2.0 and IM integration application. It has a simple user interface and nice, clean traditional Web 2.0 design. It is easy to install, taking less than two minutes to install and customize. I highly recommend it for people who want to access their Web 2.0 universe on the go, without having to haul out the laptop or spring for an iPhone to do so.

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