Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cloud Hosting vs. Standard Hosting

credit: laughingsquid

Here are some of the advantages of our new cloud hosting service over our standard hosting:

  1. increased reliability, reducing the risk of downtime due to hardware failure
  2. better scaling during high traffic or load spikes
  3. increased monthly disk space and bandwidth
  4. reduced pricing for monthly disk space and bandwidth overages
  5. the ability to access and update billing information via the control panel
  6. email is hosted on separate, dedicated mail servers
  7. email storage quota increased to 1GB per mailbox
  8. support for secure email
  9. an enhanced webmail service
  10. improved anti-spam protection
  11. anti-virus protection included with email service
  12. daily snapshot backups
  13. an automatic Media Accelerator that static caches images for optimal performance
  14. the ability to do secure file transfers using SFTP

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